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Dear Friends,

I am so sorry that I have missed this event. I got stuck in Salt Lake City last night so I recorded my talk and uploaded it here for you to enjoy. I pray it is a huge blessing to you!

Talk #1: Mind of the Skeptic

Talk #2 Their Both Religions

Talk #3 God’s Glory


Genesis Movie Trailer



I want to thank you for coming to hear the truth of God in what I pray was an informative presentation. It is such a pleasure to share with you what God has taught me. My prayer is that you will take this information you have learned and teach it to others. In our age of skepticism it is more important than ever before to understand why we believe what we believe. I am 100% sure that the resources listed on this page will give you some amazing insight into the truth of God’s Word and God’s World. That is why we are making them available to you at a discounted rate. All of the funds from these resources help continue the work of the ministry Creation Today. If you want more information on partnering with us to reach more people with this truth, I invite you to click HERE and watch a short video that will help you understand what Creation Today is all about.

Of course, www.CreationToday.org has much to offer in the way of articles, blogs, resources and events. With an online store containing nearly 1000 resources to look through, we are sure that you will find that next book, DVD, or other resource you need to continue your journey. Don’t forget about our new www.SearchCreation.org for help in answering all your questions on Creation, Evolution, Science and the Bible. You can find easy access to that site in the upper right hand corner of this page.

May Jesus Christ bless your journey as you learn more about Him.

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(Click “ADD TO CART” then apply the coupon code you received from the live event upon checkout)

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(Click “ADD TO CART” then apply the coupon code you received from the live event upon checkout)


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