Creation Today was invited to the opening of the Ark Encounter this past week to engage a small group of Atheists as they protested outside the new Kentucky attraction. The Tri-State Freethinkers had planned a day of protest to show their contempt over the massive themed attraction. When they shared the reasons for their protest I was shocked. Not one of the points they were making was even valid. In the weeks leading up to the opening of the Ark Encounter and the protest that was to come, we decided that we needed to protest their protest. This may sound a bit extreme but when you hear what we did I think you will have some more appreciation for our protest.

We did not want this to be one group of people yelling at another group of people so we decided to make our protest one about love. We brought Gatorade, Cookies, Chips, and Chick-fil-A sandwiches as a gesture of our love for our fellow humans.

Along with the food and drink we also made a few signs that we felt would make good statements and ask good questions to engage the Freethinkers in conversation. Here are a few of the signs that we placed around the protest site.

To read the full blog on the day of protest, please go HERE.

We made signs for the off ramp of exit 154.

We made signs for the off ramp of exit 154.

So why were the Freethinkers protesting? The following is a brochure we passed out among the protesters. It will tell you why and give a little more information to answer their reasons for “protesting”!

I concluded the brochure with this message to the protesters.

Dear Atheists, I watch you practice faith everyday while denying any need for it. I hear you make absolute statements about God and His Word while denying absolute truth. I see you praise “science” and “reason” while objecting to the God who is the foundation of science and reason. Consider where you are today, standing on the side of the road with more faith in the stranger driving past you to not cross the strip of white paint you stand behind than in the Creator of the Universe. Please consider these thoughts. I share them because I care about your life now and about your eternal future.

I truly pray that God would open their eyes to the truth! Please keep them in your prayers.

If you want to learn how to become “Unshakable” in your Christian faith, let me encourage you to take the brand new curriculum. It is 4 semesters of the most amazing teaching on defending the truth of Christianity you will ever get!

Thank you so much for praying with us. We pray that many lives will be reached with the truth as we proclaim the name of Christ to the world.