If I were to count the number of times the skeptics in my comments argued that the creationist position doesn’t have any legitimate science and scientists backing it up, I would probably be counting until I’m at least 100 years old! 

And it’s not just me! In the Creation Today show, “Latest Research from Creation Science,” Dr. Brian Thomas from the Institute for Creation Research noted, “We have decades of great research, but so few people know about it. Creationists keep digging deeper to find more and more information, but the average person doesn’t know about the fifty plus years of research we already have.” 

Thankfully, this week’s show was filled with the brilliant minds of creation scientists from around the world who described some of the most compelling evidence for Young Earth Creation. In the words of Dr. Marcus Ross, a paleontologist and Liberty University assistant professor of geology, “Creation research is alive, vibrant, and exciting. Why? Because God is exciting!” 

In honor of this excitement, I had the pleasure of attending the International Creation Conference and interviewing several incredible scientists who gave brilliant presentations on everything from the inaccuracies in radiocarbon dating to the energy and efficiency of human DNA, which is far more efficient than any iPhone, Professor Andy McIntosh pointed out. And the research doesn’t stop there! You might want to grab a pen and some paper because the amount of knowledge shared in just the hour of interview clips in this show is astounding. You can only imagine how much scientific evidence I was absorbing throughout the conference and during the three plus hours of individual interviews I was filming!

Another interesting aspect I discovered at the conference was how much these scientists will go back and forth with ideas, and not always end up agreeing! But that is the beauty of science – it cannot advance if everyone agrees. Healthy debate and discussion is what pushes research to become better and more accurate. So, whether you agree or disagree, be sure to check out this show. It may just push you to do some of your own scientific research.