It’s such a self-focused world these days, right? The younger generation prioritizes “how I feel” over everything, it seems! But is there truly a problem with this line of thinking? What’s the harm in prioritizing yourself? Isn’t it common knowledge that you’re supposed to “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others?”

But this is the lie of modern culture. And that’s why I invited Martyn Iles, the Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis and author of the new book “Who Am I? Solving the Identity Puzzle,” to the Creation Today Show this week. The current generation isn’t just “putting on their own oxygen mask first.” They are believing that “their truth” is the ultimate authority, and prioritizing their belief about themselves, morality, and values over what the Word of God has to say.

From the beginning of the Bible, God made it very clear that we were created in His image. When we try to find our own identity separate from that, we end up in a world of confusion and depression, as Mr. Iles explains. It’s no wonder the mental health crisis in the younger generations is such a huge and growing problem!

According to Mr. Iles, when “how I feel,” is the most important thing, society becomes completely dysfunctional! When feelings reign in society, people want the blessings of God but not God Himself. When feelings reign in society, objective truth about how to live is ignored and pushed to the side, while the “benefits” of Christianity are accepted and pursued. But you can’t have it both ways!

Instead of living in a “feelings” world, we are called to live as Image-bearers who share the TRUTH of God’s Word. We aren’t called to prioritize how we feel, but instead to prioritize what God says. Mr. Iles says that the impact of this shift would be astounding. 

So grab your pen, paper, and a copy of God’s Word to enjoy this conversation about how to live in the identity God has given us instead of the upside down world of “my own image.”