Do you believe that Jesus walked on water? If so, you just might be a Christian. Do you believe that God created that water out of nothing? If so, then you just might be a creationist.

Miracles and science

Christian creationists have no problem with the concept of a Creator-God who can suspend the laws of nature and perform miracles. Indeed, it is no leap of logic for a creationist to believe that the same God who created all things in our universe is not bound by the very universe He created. If God has “created” water, surely He can walk on it, He can turn it into wine, and He can part a sea of it to allow His people to walk across on dry land.

So does this belief in miracles make us religious? Many evolutionists often hurl this accusation in order to discredit us. They claim that since we accept phenomena that cannot be explained by natural or internal mechanisms, we are therefore outside the realm of science, and thus, religious. Well, considering that we cannot prove these miraculous phenomena with natural evidence or mechanisms, we—for that reason—call our beliefs “faith.”

We are religious

It’s true! We ARE religious, and we have no problem admitting it: Christian creationism is a religious worldview. While we believe that science validates the truth of God’s Word, we do accept God’s Word on Its own merit, and fully embrace the concept of miracles.

But what about evolutionists? Do they embrace miracles too? Evolutionists build their entire theory upon a foundation of assumptions. While they would have us believe that the scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports their theory, it remains to be seen what IS the evidence to which they are referring, considering that each proof they cite has either been proven wrong or inconclusive at the very least.

The “miracle” of evolution

Furthermore, evolutionism holds to several key “miracles” that magically overcome the laws of nature. Without these miracles—anomalies that defy established scientific understanding—the religion of evolutionism simply could not stand. Evolutionist proponents of the big bang theory claim that planets and stars formed when bits of matter and gas were compressed spontaneously.

But this violates Boyle’s law of gas established in the seventeenth century, which states that gases cannot be compressed without some intervening mechanism. So what is the evolutionists’ intervening mechanism? Nothing. It happened all by itself; it was a miracle. They likewise believe that biological organisms could produce offspring of higher complexity simply by means of natural selection. This is not science, however, and must also fall within the realm of miracle. In fact, evolutionists hold on to many more miracles (or assumptions) in their religion of evolutionism.


While Christian creationists willingly admit that creationism is religious in nature and that miracles have their place in our religious belief system, evolutionists claim that their religion is actually pure science and based entirely upon evidence and scientific reasoning. They then prop up this hypocritical religion using tax funds, not only to fuel their research (desperately searching for that elusive evidence) and pay their preachers…er…professors, but also to teach it in public schools at public expense as if it were objectively scientific. It is time for evolutionists to admit that they do believe in miracles, that evolutionism is a religion, and a hypocritical one at that. Because, while creationists have a God who satisfies the demand for an external agent, evolutionists have nothing, and they claim to need nothing to account for their miracles. They have rejected God, and in so doing, they have rejected common sense itself. Rightly so did the Psalmist conclude, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Ps. 14:1)