“Mad” Mike Dies in Rocket Crash

Many Creationists have been forced to follow the journey into the Flat Earth Conspiracy over the past decade because of their claim that the Flat Earth is a “Biblical View.” One such Flat Earth enthusiast, “Mad” Mike Hughes, built homemade rockets and launched himself into the atmosphere in hopes of eventually proving the earth is flat.

“This thing wants to kill you 10 different ways,” Hughes told AP in 2018.


Is the Earth Flat?

The flat earth movement had enjoyed limited success in the 1800s, gaining more popularity as a slander against the church than as a scientific movement. The church had, in fact, taught a spherical earth as far back as it had existed due to Europe’s adoption of Aristotle’s cosmology, which taught a round earth. However, due to a few publications and a few sensationalized experiments, like the famous Bedford Level Experiment,

Bedford Level Experiment

the belief that the earth is flat rose up in the 1800s, though it would be a fringe belief in western culture for much of the next century. The International Flat Earth Research Society was established in the 1950s and it would continue to exist until the 1990s with little growth or influence.

Following the rise of the internet came a resurgence of the Flat Earth Movement, but it was the emergence of social media which would result in the growth of the movement over the past decade. A combination of suspicion about government dishonesty, a belief that the moon landing was a lie, and youth culture’s continual delight in anti-establishment pop culture no doubt contributed as much as anything else. However, there are those in the movement who believe that the Bible teaches that the earth is flat, and that to accept the man-made scientific models in rejection of the Bible is folly.

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On Saturday, February 22, 2020, Daredevil “Mad” Mike Hughes was killed in his third rocket launch—one that went terribly wrong in Barstow, California. Mike was only 64.

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of “Mad” Mike Hughes.

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