It’s time for a Fraud Tour! As crazy as it may sound, this fraudulent tour will be very exciting, because it makes vital blows to the theory of evolution. On this week’s Creation Today show, “Widespread Fraud Discovered in Museums” Dr. Carl Werner describes just a few of the hundreds of intentional frauds he has worked on exposing over the course of three decades of his life.

Dr. Werner explains how countless scientists intentionally altered findings with the intention of promoting a certain archeological discovery as something it’s not. For example, Dr. Werner shows evidence of scientists adding plaster to skull fragments and remains in order to make them larger. These changes were made with the intention of making the possibility of ape-men – which would be considered a transitional form supporting the theory of evolution – far more likely. 

And it doesn’t stop at just plaster! Dr. Werner discusses misleading interpretations of scientific findings, purposeful deceit, and countless other ways these frauds have been carried out. But what makes this man qualified to speak on this subject? Well, Dr. Werner and his wife have spent nearly 30 years traveling around the world to countless museums and dig sites in order to photograph and film ape-men fossils and interview several experts about these findings. The things revealed will shock you!

The sheer amount of knowledge you can gain in this field is amazing! You don’t want to miss out, so, after you watch this show, be sure to check out the full book and documentary series Dr. Werner produced on this topic at