Remember the Ice Age movies? You know, the ones where the terrified squirrel is always losing his acorn, and the unlikely group of friends is always traveling and going on adventures together? Well, I hate to break it to you, but the events of these films really don’t prepare you for learning the truth about the woolly mammoths. Maybe you knew that, but I still tried to convince my team that me going on an Ice Age binge was actually work to prepare for my most recent Creation Today show, “The Mystery of the Woolly Mammoth”. You guessed it – they weren’t buying it. It was worth a shot though!

Thankfully, my friend Michael Oard came very prepared to correct my misconceptions and share the evidence behind what happened to the mammoths. As a 30-year veteran meteorologist, speaker, and author, he has years of study and evidence under his belt to tackle this topic from all sides. Mr. Oard explains the three primary positions that attempt to explain the extinction of these mysterious beasts – uniformitarian, non-creationist catastrophist, and creationist catastrophist. 

I’ll leave it up to the expert to explain the ins and outs of each of these positions, but suffice it to say my mind is officially blown at all the things people (myself included!) incorrectly assume about the extinction of the mammoths. Just to give you a sneak peek at one example – the mammoths weren’t found in glacial ice, but actually in permafrost! Who knew?

My mind is still spinning with all the new information I learned during this conversation, so you will definitely want to take notes during the show or even watch it more than once so you don’t miss anything. Schedule some time into your week to check out this show so you can watch Ice Age with a new perspective and better knowledge!