Are geneticists conducting the research and experiments that scientists should have been doing all along? When it comes to evolution, the debate between secular scientists and creation scientists is often centered on, “How did it get here?” But in the Creation Today show, “Darwin’s Finches Cry Fowl”, Dr. Brian Thomas teaches that the better question to ask is, “How does it work?”

The reason for the second question is objectivity. If we are just observing the mechanics of something, it’s hard to let our biases and worldview interfere with our ability to accurately interpret the results. And that’s exactly what geneticists are doing as they study Darwin’s famous finches that birthed his theory of evolution. Instead of studying how finches with various types of beaks came into existence, these scientists are focusing their efforts on understanding how the infrastructure that builds the structure works.

Darwin theorized that outside changes prompted the evolution of the finches’ beaks. This concept is known as “survival of the fittest.” However, scientists have looked at the genetic code (or genome) of these creatures, and discovered a fascinating truth that disproves the Darwinian model! Different versions of the same gene – otherwise known as alleles – that determine beak shape have been found in finches. All the phenotypes are already embedded in the creature! It’s an incredible (and super hyper genius – as Dr. Thomas said) design feature put there by God!

If you’re not a science person, don’t worry. Dr. Thomas makes this concept very simple to understand, and is so fun to listen to with his personable way of teaching. You don’t want to miss this conversation, so grab your family and friends, and get ready to knock down one of the pillars of evolution!