“I want to help you understand America’s heritage in a different context.” This quote sums up the purpose of the Creation Today show, “Undeniable – America’s Christian Heritage” which truly shows a different side of the story of America. From teaching fun facts from history to the untold perspectives of early America, David and Tim Barton from WallBuilders make this topic endlessly interesting.

A common theme you’ll notice throughout this Capitol tour is how the current narrative being pushed about our country’s heritage is one that stands in total opposition to the reality of the beliefs and values of the Founding Fathers. Prepared with stunning evidence of the true beliefs of great men of history like Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and John Quincy Adams, the Barton’s explain how believing falsehoods about the spiritual and intellectual values of America’s great leaders of days gone by is a fatal error.

You won’t believe what you can learn about Thomas Jefferson based on the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, or about John Hancock from his twenty-two prayer proclamations! Although these men were not perfect, in the words of Tim Barton, “Somehow God uses imperfect people to accomplish great things, and that is the story of America that we have forgotten.” When we forget the power of God working through imperfect people, we neglect our responsibility to fight for what we believe in. We dare not ignore such a profound call.

John Quincy Adams is a wonderful example of what can happen when we uphold our responsibility of fighting for our beliefs. According to Tim Barton, Adams was a great mentor to Abraham Lincoln, who is considered the man who ushered in the end of slavery. John Qunicy Adams fought for years to end the evils of slavery, but died before that ever came to fruition. He spent his whole life fighting for something he never saw realized. Yet his impact was still incredible, and can be felt today in the freedom of every person in America.

So as you take time over the holiday weekend to watch this Capitol tour, be sure to remember the importance of our heritage, and all that we must do to fight to preserve it.