Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine something with me. You are standing in your front yard, looking in shock and confusion at massive holes that your son dug all around the yard as he was “looking for buried treasure.” When you finally regain your ability to form words, the phrase, “What were you thinking?” is all that comes out. With a shrug, your son replies, “I don’t know.”

Now what if I told you that there is a scientific explanation for this imaginary scenario? On the Creation Today show “Science of the Brain: Men vs Women”, Mrs. Holly Varnum explains the fascinating science behind that very idea. If you have ever wondered about the science behind how men can quite literally think about nothing, or why your wife gets nervous when you don’t press the brake as soon as the red light comes into view, this is the show for you!

Mrs. Varnum discusses how the lack of connections in an adolescent male’s frontal lobe and the less-than-desirable amount of connections in an adolescent female’s occipital lobe contribute to these somehow universal predicaments. But don’t worry if those big words just scared you a little bit. Mrs. Varnum made several very helpful slides and graphics that make understanding this topic significantly easier. Listening to her, you won’t believe how fun it is to look at a brain scan! The differences are astounding.

Throughout the show, Mrs. Varnum also touches on some fun facts about those differences. For example, the female brain is not fully developed until between the ages of twenty and twenty-five years old; but the male brain is not fully developed until around thirty years of age. Do with that information what you will.

Overall, this show is easily a new staff favorite here at Creation Today. If you want to learn more about the scientific differences between the male and female brain and why they are important to know in today’s culture, be sure to schedule some time to watch this fascinating show.