The Bible teaches that mankind was created perfect, without flaws. It was only after man’s disobedience that imperfection entered God’s creation. Thus mankind, as originally created, would not have had the myriad of genetic mistakes now present in our DNA. In opposition of what evolution teaches, mutations or mistakes on our DNA, do not lead to better and improved humans. These mistakes cause hundreds of debilitating illnesses and birth defects. The reason all of us are not born with enormous numbers of medical problems is because our genes are a combination of the characteristics of our parents. Only when both parents have the same mistake in their genes do their children manifest the resulting genetic problem.

Cain Married His Sister

Furthermore, these genetic mistakes accumulate and increase with time. In other words, the information in our DNA gets more garbled—it never increases in clarity. Since mistakes are accumulated in our DNA, it is logical to assume that as we go back in time there would be less mistakes. The reason brothers and sisters cannot marry today is because they are likely to have similar DNA errors leading to children with birth defects. However, there were no moral laws against children intermarrying until after the time of Moses. This was approximately 4,000 years ago and at least 2,000 years after the creation of mankind. Before that time sibling marriage was probably quite common. The Bible states that Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters. Jewish tradition suggested that they had 33 sons and 23 daughters! Cain merely married his sister.