A.I. Clones. Robots. 

These are all very scary words to many. The idea of technology becoming so powerful that it can imitate, relate to, and possibly even overtake humans one day is a concept that is not lost on your average science fiction film lover. But that’s all stuff that’s really just confined to those post-apocalyptic world movies, right?

Well, according to Pastor Emilio Ramos in the Creation Today show, “Transhumanism: Resistance is Futile”, the threat of ever-improving technology is real, and should be the new apologetic focus of believers today. An important clarification to this point that Pastor Ramos points out is that technology, with moral applications, can be a very helpful tool. In his own words, “The same technology that built the temple of God built the tower of Babel. It’s not about the technology. What matters is the worldview behind it.”

So what is the worldview of the transhumanists who are running this technological race towards a global community of A.I. powered technology? Pastor Ramos says one answer is the evolutionary worldview. According to supporters of Darwin’s theory, all humans really are is a series of computations, void of any soul. If this is true, in the eyes of transhumanists, using technology so that we can evolve into more complicated computations presents no moral or ethical issues.

But this worldview and those who hold to it are fundamentally anti-Christ. They have no regard for God or the Christian worldview other than to make a mockery of Christianity. And mock they do. In this race towards transhumanism, plans for implantable technology, miracle technology, and predictive programming models all tell the same story of man thinking his design is better than God’s.

If those terms are new to you, then you definitely need to take some time to watch this fascinating, frightening, but ultimately encouraging show that teaches the reality of transhumanism and rapidly-evolving technology but reminds us of the truth of trusting in God’s sovereignty over all.