I have a challenge for you. Turn on any news channel on your TV or open any news app on your phone. A quick scan of the contents will reveal polarizing opinions on…well, everything!

With so many political debates going on, things can start to look a bit confusing, which is why this week’s Creation Today show is so important!

In “Erasing America’s Heritage”, Mr. William Federer explains how viewing history through a Christian worldview is like turning the corner on a cornfield. “You see the rows line up, and American history suddenly makes so much sense.” Instead of sitting in confusion and letting our history get taken away, we must learn the truth of our history to remember who we really are.

Mr. Federer explains how the path to loss of freedom comes through fear, fraud, and free stuff, which ultimately lead to division. And the devil deals in division. But what is the goal of division? According to Mr. Federer, the goal is to create a problem that is really bad, and then sell a solution that’s just as bad. Because every time the people settle for a solution to division, a little bit of freedom is given up to the state.

If that felt like a firehose of information with little explanation, don’t worry! Mr. Federer is an incredible communicator, and explained with a clear passion the importance of remembering the heritage of freedom in America. If we begin to lose our liberty, we move closer towards a global government, which stands in opposition to God’s design. So grab your American flags and get ready for a captivating conversation about the Christian response to a continually divided America.