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This month’s member spotlight is on the MANY ministries in need of prayer during a time of natural disaster. With South Texas still reeling from Hurricane Harvey, much of the Northwest in flames, and the entire state of Florida bracing for Hurricane Irma, there is much need for prayer. Please join us in lifting up […]

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Over the past few months, we have released a series of blog posts in celebration of Creation Today’s 10th anniversary! While covering topics like Impacting Christianity, Impacting Children, and Impacting Continents, we have given you a glimpse into the past decade of our ministry to thank you for the part YOU play in everything we do. […]

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Morning Musings and Firm Foundations

Seventeen years ago, my dad and I built my house from the ground up. It’s something he had done with his dad decades before. Now it was my turn. We dug the foundation, poured the footings, built the sub-floor, erected the walls, put on the roof, then we did the electrical and the plumbing. What […]

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world religions

How Do Churches Reach the World’s Fastest Growing Religion?

Over the past fifteen years I have had the privilege of speaking in almost 500 different churches across our nation. Often, I will ask if anyone knows what today’s fastest growing religion is.  Not surprisingly, the majority-guess is “Islam.” Was that your guess, too? After all, Muslims do seem to be in the news every day. Yet, […]

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Member of the Month


Paul and Geri Taylor have been the Directors of the Mount St Helens Creation Center since October 1, 2014 and are very excited about the ministry opportunities there. When tourists visit Mount St Helens in Washington, they are able to witness the results of natural catastrophe. At the Creation Center, the Taylors help them make […]

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Genesis Movie Title

Official Title for the Genesis Movie! We are really close to making a huge announcement about the Genesis Movie! Can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, we have been having an internal discussion about the title for the film. Although the movie was designed with a certain title in mind, we wanted […]

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There’s no denying the fact that Creation ministries are having a global effect. While they were seemingly non-existent a mere 30 years ago, things are slowly changing in the war against evolution. As you can imagine, this is starting to worry our secularist friends. They have held the monopoly on information for so long that […]

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Genesis Movie Shown in Jerusalem!

We just took a trip of a lifetime—to Israel and Jordan—the Promised Land! Wow! It was beyond amazing to float in the Dead Sea, visit the Wailing Wall, go boating on the Sea of Galilee, view the Promised Land from Mt. Nebo, climb the cliffs at Petra, and have communion at the Empty Tomb! Our […]

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Micro Evolution of the Fox (Vulpes)

How did we get so many different fox species? Does the fox (Vulpes) share a common ancestor with wolves, coyotes or jackals (Canis)? What exactly is a fox? Due to the complexity of this topic, this article will only deal with the genus Vulpes (true foxes). NOTE: The gray fox, native to North America, belongs […]

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impacting children


IMPACTING CHILDREN… 10 YEARS LATER Children are the future, and honestly, I am worried about what the future holds! Children are being told every day that they are nothing but an animal; they are “mother nature’s science project.” This teaching is having a devastating effect on their thinking and our future. At Creation Today, we […]

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grand canyon 2

Grand Canyon Rim and Raft Tour: The Trip of a Lifetime

For the fifth year in a row, I was privileged to visit the largest memorial in the world. Because it stretches across the planet for roughly 280 miles, this scar-shaped “Monument to Catastrophe” can actually be seen from space! Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon you get a real sense of grandeur. Walking the pathway […]

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Member of the Month


JUNE 2017 – Russ and Joanna Miller For seventeen years, Russ Miller has been sharing Creation information in easy to understand messages and a variety of venues. With the love and support of his precious wife, Joanna, Russ has spoken in thousands of church services, authored 5 creation-oriented books, written & illustrated 2 kids coloring […]

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